About the Game

Eclectica is a word-based game for two or more players. Teams compete to decipher clues, get words, and phonetically rearrange them to find answers. The first team to identify the correct answer wins the point!​​

Clues are based on all subjects - ranging from art to mathematics to idioms in the English language - so there’s plenty of room for everyone to play!
In Eclectica, you start by drawing a clue card.

In this example on the right, there are three clues. You solve them to get the words, "fear", "moss", and "at,"

Then you rearrange the words and try combining them phonetically until you get the correct order: "at", "moss", and "fear." When you pronounce them together, you get the final answer: "atmosphere."

Ages: 10+ | Players: 2 or more

Ways to Play

There are many ways to play Eclectica. Here are some of them, but the possibilities are limitless! Create your own ways to play!

Play as teams:
1: The first team to identify the answer wins the point
2: Teams take turns to identify as many answers as they can in 90 seconds
3: Tag team - one person deciphers the clues, the other identifies the answer
4: Survival - in one minute, if a team can get the answer, it gets another minute to try another. If it fails, the turn passes to the other team.

Play as individuals:
1: Round robin - everyone battles each other for the glory
2: King of the table - the first person to identify the answer stays on
3: Tournament - contestants fight it out to make it to the next round ​​
Over 440 game cards
90-second sand timer
4 notepads
4 pencils
Rule sheet
Click here to download
the rules (PDF)

Try it Out

Here are four unique cards that you will not find in the box. Try to solve them! Click the "Answer" button below each card to reveal the answer.

Where to Buy

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If you're in Hong Kong, please buy directly from us, using the link below. ​     If you're elsewhere, choose any one of the ways below to get your copy. Wherever you are, Eclectica costs HK$200 (US$25), including shipping.
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Meet the Creators

I am a high-school student in Hong Kong. My family loves board games. There's nothing more liberating than tearing open the plastic wrapping of a board game after weeks of school, and definitely nothing more enjoyable than sitting around a table with a group of friends and family and playing it. 

My father and I started working on Eclectica about four years ago, when I was twelve. I would always play around with words, and one night, the idea struck us. Eclectica has progressed from merely a figment of both our imaginations to something tangible, something we can be proud of, something we can cherish for the years to come. The fantastic memories that have come from its development make the countless hours spent coming up with clues, working on Excel, and talking to lawyers all worth it. I hope you enjoy Eclectica as much as we do.
​One day, Vishal and I were just trolling around, when he told me how he likes to twist and play around with words. Out of that little kernel was born the idea of Eclectica. This is the third game we developed together, but the first one we are publishing.

We developed the game through two versions. In the first one, we directly gave the words, leaving only the rearrangement as the challenge. Then we added the idea of providing a variety of clues to find the words.

It has been a long but interesting journey. We researched to find words that could be broken up, and then searched for a range of interesting clues. We faced challenges in finding a manufacturer, keeping the costs under control, incorporating a company, filing for a patent, developing the graphics, putting together this website, and finally selling the game to at least break even. But it has all been worth it!

Thank you for listening to us and considering buying Eclectica!


Contact Us

Publisher: Yelm Limited, Hong Kong 
Email: eclecticagame@gmail.com